Credit Card Counsel

Businesses NEED to take cards, but a Merchant Service Agreement doesn’t NEED to be oppressive. As a Merchant Service Provider, you know the Landscape:

We’ve all been there, you can reduce the cost of processing for a Merchant, maybe even provide other valuable services, but the Processing Company has a contract with the Merchant, locking them into an agreement. It may even be a shock to the Merchant to know they cannot change processors.

But what if that contract wasn’t valid? What if despite calling itself a contract, it actually wasn’t one? What if the contract violates local law?

Credit Card Counsel Can Help
First, We Review
Credit Card Counsel, CCC, will review the merchant services contract, determine the controlling jurisdiction and check options for your client

Second, We Write
CCC will both: write a short report concerning the challenges in fighting the merchant services contract as well as any points where the Merchant could be released from it AND write to the Merchant Services Provider requesting a release and noting the parts of the contract that are inconsistent with local law. Most Merchants will not have to take further action for release, but if they do….

Third, We Fight/Refer
CCC will discuss possible litigation with the Merchant and determine a plan going forward. CCC can only effectively represent clients in a limited area, thus local, competent counsel will be referred should a Merchant need to pursue litigation.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

1) CCC Represents the Merchant and will not make any recommendations as to any services, including, but not limited to payment processing services.
2) CCC makes no promises or guarantees as to the ability to obtain a merchant release as each situation is unique to that Merchant.
3) CCC will hold all Merchant-Client information in the strictest confidence and will not share it with any third party, even if that third party opts to pay for CCC’s services.

Ready to see what we can do? Send your Merchant Services Contract, not statements, to: and let us show you your options.